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    Group visits are typically offered twice daily, Monday-Friday at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm and select Saturdays at 11:30 am (October through mid-May only). We will be closed for group tours from March 10th through the end of April. Summer group visit availability varies depending on student availability. We encourage you to check back in late spring for an update on summer group tours. 

    Group visits are only available for groups of 10-60. Due to staffing, we are unable to provide group tours to larger groups. Groups of 10 or less are encouraged to register for our regular campus visits

    At this time, we are unable to host elementary or middle school group tours but you are able to do a self-guided tour.

    Please request visits at least four weeks in advance. You will want to select your date carefully as we do book very quickly and may be unable to reschedule another date at a later time. You can submit your request by choosing an available date/time on the calendar below. After submitting your request, an auto-response email will be sent acknowledging your request.

    Please note, submitting the request form is only a request. A representative from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will contact you within three business days about your visit and whether we are able to accommodate your request. Please do not make any travel arrangements until your visit has been confirmed by a member of our staff.

    If we are unable to accommodate your group visit, you are welcome to come to campus and do a self-guided tour. More information on this is available below.

    Counselor Additional Resources

    On the right-hand side are several helpful links to assist you in supporting your students. 

    Counselor Toolkit: A very detailed overview of admission information to help you guide prospective students.
    Mailing List: Join our counselor mailing list! We send out a newsletter quarterly with updates on the university and use this list to invite you to different events! 
    SCU Near You:  Shows the different events admission counselors will be attending. 

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    Self-Guided Tour Information

    If a visit date is booked but you would still like your group to visit SCU, you are welcome to come to campus anytime and do a self-guided tour using our self-guided tour app.

    Campus Map:

    Directions to Campus:
     Go to and click on "Driving Directions."

    Location: 407 Palm Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95053


    • If you do not enter the city (Santa Clara), you may be directed to other areas in the Bay Area.


    • Use Google Maps or Waze instead

    • Typing in “Santa Clara University” may lead you to a different part of campus. 


    Enter through the main campus entrance of the university and stop at the parking kiosk. Buses will be directed to drop off the group at our main campus entrance and will be directed to off-campus street parking (as available) by the attendant. Buses will pick up the group at the same location when the visit is completed.

    If you are driving separate cars to our campus, please let our office know in advance approximately how many cars will be arriving so we can have a free visitor pass waiting for you at the main kiosk at the entrance to our campus. You will be directed to park in the small visitor lot on the left directly in front of the Main Parking Structure. You may also park on the third floor of the Main Parking Structure.

    If you arrive when there is no attendant at the kiosk, please park either in the small visitor parking lot (on the right hand side when facing the Main Parking Structure) or on the third floor of the Main Parking Structure and visit the Campus Safety Office or Undergraduate Admission Office to obtain your parking pass. You can find the Campus Safety/Transportation office by turning left on the walking path out the west side of the parking structure. Please note that parking passes are not required on the weekends.